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Community Learning Space for Learning Academy is a computer system designed to provide access to information about organizations in a geographical community. The operators of the Learning Academy recognize that privacy has become increasingly significant to individuals visiting (visitors to) the Learning Academy sites.

Learning Academy intends to continually update our understanding of an individual's privacy needs and to modify Learning Academy's commitment to privacy and information management as appropriate. Learning Academy's goal is to assure visitors to the Learning Academy site a level of privacy that meets their reasonable expectations. Since we provide access to many other businesses and organizations through Learning Academy's directories we expect that these businesses and organizations will have their own privacy policy and commitment to fair information practices.

Considering the ever-changing technological landscape Learning Academy has not attempted to set forth an exhaustive list of guidelines. Rather Learning Academy has worked with a number of individuals and groups who are knowledgeable in privacy and access matters to structure a framework. The operators of Learning Academy can use this framework to develop privacy guidelines, policies or principles that are consistent with Learning Academy's programs. Learning Academy will incorporate the following considerations in the way it conducts business and encourages businesses linked through the Learning Academy directories to utilize the following general concepts in formulating their privacy and information management policies:

  • Recognize the interest and concerns of visitors and the businesses linked to the directory in developing information management principles. Learning Academy will remain sensitive to the privacy expectations of its visitors.

  • Institute and develop procedures to safeguard the security of visitors' personal information, governing access to, use of and disclosure of personal information. Learning Academy will ensure that visitor information is securely stored and that such data is available only to Learning Academy staff who have a legitimate need and authorization to access the data. Further, staff who have access to visitor data will be informed of Learning Academy's policies as they relate to the use of the data. At the same time, similar approaches to privacy will be expected of external parties who have access to visitor data.

  • Execute accurate record-keeping procedures. Learning Academy will ensure that personal information used to determine visitor demographics and targeted surveys will be pertinent to these purposes, and accurately recorded and current.

  • Only disclose personal information about visitors to unrelated third parties after the visitor has been informed in advance of the possibility of such disclosure and given the opportunity to decline (i.e. "opt out"). Please note that Learning Academy will not knowingly support illegal activities.

  • Remain flexible in responding to changing visitor needs and expectations regarding privacy as information networks such as Learning Academy evolve. Learning Academy will ensure that its information management practices will keep pace with technological advances and visitor needs.

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