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Quality of Life

Quality of Life is the fourth pilot; initial discussions began in December 2003.

The Community Quality of Life Learning Space is intended for those in Waterloo Region who, as individuals, leaders and practitioners, are interested in improving the overall health of their community and well being for all.

The Life Learning Space is intended to be a single access point to what is being done, in Waterloo Region and beyond, that helps us better assess our local quality of life and what influences it. It is hoped that those who are already active will be encouraged in their work and that others will be inspired to participate and contribute as well.

The Life Learning Space has links to a range of information, documents and data to increase knowledge about local communities, with which action planning can be based.

The Life Learning Space is also a forum for sharing the progress and outcomes of local activities, enabling connections between those who share common values and goals related to creating healthy communities.

The Life Learning Space also has a private site that will enable Community Quality of Life Learning Space project partners to share data that is not available for public release for their research and community development purposes. These partnerships are intended to improve local research capacity so we are able to plan more effectively and to have better informed healthy public policy.

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