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Arts and Cultural Resources

The Waterloo Regional Arts Council (WRAC) is the first pilot learning space to be developed for the Community Learning Space project supported by a grant from Human Resources Develpoment Canada (HRDC) in Ottawa. The project began in September 2001.

The project research team, together with the arts council, proposed the following six areas of application development.

  1. WRAC Cultural Directory
    Provide tools to search and display information from the cultural directory.

  2. Portfolio of Artists
    Provide tools to store, search and display artists' portfolios. The portfolio of artists will consist of multimedia content provided by WRAC (thumbnails/samples, links to other external sites, security and indexing of unstructured data).

  3. Feedback from Users
    Provide a form for users to submit comments/suggestions.

  4. Arts Space Inventory
    Provide tools to search and display basic information about exhibition and performance space (name of facility, contact information, and type of space).

  5. Community Postings
    1. Long-Range Events Planning Calendar
      Provide tools for a long-range planning calendar including: event posting by members, simple display of the calendar, repository of the events and posting facility to other community calendars.

    2. Arts Press Room and Notification Facility
      The Arts Press Room and Notification Facility are intended to provide a press package posting and repository with notification to the cultural community (news media, members and potential members and the community).

  6. Learning Academy
    Provide tools to search and display information about the Community Learning Space Project, its pilots, tools and technology, and to describe how to implement a community learning space for continued independent WRAC website development.

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